Wathoni held a good conversation with Laycon, they talked about life, music and her existing rift between her and Ka3na.

Wathoni disclosed to Laycon about her interest in going into music, citing songwriting as her area of interest. Laycon who is a renowned singer and rapper shared his experience as an artist. he gave her two points in music where most artistes face challenges, ie, songwriting and the reception they would receive from the fans.

They quickly switched the conversation to the existing rift between her and Ka3na. Wathoni believes the self-acclaimed is trying to get her to fight again but she won’t give in to her. Aside from their first altercation, she cited an example of the things she is doing to get at her.

According to her, Ka3na intentionally excluded her from the list of people who could dance in their circus task but she did not react, she left the room to avoid another altercation.