Scott Morrison has said any nation who develops a vaccine for COVID-19 and withholds it or sells it for profit would be “judged terribly by history”.Speaking after a National Cabinet meeting, Australia’s Prime Minister said the nation is currently jostling to “take a position” on promising early trials of a vaccine.Part of this involves readying labs around the country to manufacture

Australia is positioning itself well to take advantage and be in a position to be able to manufacture and supply vaccines should they be developed,” Mr Morrison said.”There are many projects that are under way around the world and we have a process for identifying those that we can are believe we can take an early position on.”Acting Chief Health Officer Professor Paul Kelly said his team is optimistic a vaccine will be developed but it is currently too early to say when it will be ready.

Many companies, well over a hundred different types of vaccine that are in development, and many of those are already in clinical trials in what has been described by some as warp speed,” Professor Kelly said.”So these things normally take years. It’s taking months, even weeks, to get here.”Professor Kelly alluded to Australia “advance purchasing” a vaccine or the materials to manufacture one based on clinical trials.