Matters of feelings and love can be quite tricky especially if one cares for a person but not in the way that they want. That appears to be the situation with BBNaija 2020 housemate, Erica.

Another housemate, Laycon, has openly expressed his likeness for Erica but her heart seems to be with another person, Kidd Waya.

Erica and Laycon had initially had a talk to straighten out things and she explained that she is attracted to him mentally but is attracted to Kidd Waya physically.

In a new video that made the rounds on social media, Laycon and Erica had another candid conversation about their feelings. She spoke on why she ignited her relationship with Kidd Waya.

According to her, it has been hard for her to leave Kidd seeing as they are in the house together and see themselves all the time.

While they were having the talk, Laycon admitted to never being in such a situation before and that he usually leaves a girl as soon as she shows no interest.

He said: “I feel like this is my time for me to learn some things about myself because I’ve never been in this type of situation before. Like I said, I know how to run very well and very fast.”

To that, Erica responded that she is also supposed to run from her feelings for Kidd Waya but she is in the house and has to see him every day and avoiding him would be difficult.

She said: “This house is too small [for one] to run. Even me, I am supposed to [run]. Like if we were outside and I met someone like Kidd, I think what I’d do is try not to see him. If I try not to see him I’d be in control. But I’m here; I have to see him every day. I think that is the number one thing in this situation.”