A male housemate of the Big Brother Naija reality show Laycon had his diary session with Big Brother where he finally poured his heart to Biggie about his feelings for housemate Erica.

It’s no more news that Laycon has developed strong feelings for housemate Erica. Recall that Erica disclosed to Laycon her feelings for him and Kiddwaya. According to her, she is physically attracted to Kiddwaya while she’s attracted to him mentally. Apparently, the words of Erica hurt him very much that he decided to seek advice from Biggie.

During the diary session with Biggie, Lay said he gets hurt and awkward anytime he sees Kiddwaya and Erica together He also added that he regrets not telling Erica about his feelings earlier in the game.

“I told Erica about my feelings towards her on Saturday. But she told me that she is only attracted to me mentally but not physically. It means I have to step back for them to continue with whatever they have, it makes me feel sad and hurt because I have never been in this kind of situation before.”

“It would have been better if I wasn’t in a confined space. I am trying to control my emotions so that it doesn’t affect my mood in the house. I wish I told Erica about my feelings for her earlier. I feel if I told her about my feelings for her earlier, it might have been different.” he told Biggie.

Advising him, Biggie said that matters of the heart could be fickle and that sometimes people you want might not want you. He also advised Laycon to respect Erica’s decision.