One of the biggest events in the Rap genre of the Nigerian music industry this year is the constant beefs, calling out, controversies and supremacy fights.
Davolee vs Kabex happens to be one of the hottest from the indigenous scheme.
The 2 rappers have enjoyed constant trolling, calling outs and obvious jabs have been recorded in their various tracks after their big scene happened.
However, the fights never ended between the fans of these 2 great sensational rappers and some of the fans have therein started comparing their various tracks to know who is the bigger act.
We will be comparing one of their biggest projects to each other and we would want you all to be the judge here.
Davolee’s “Festival Bar” vs Kabex’s “Destruction” – Which Is A Better Music Project?
Festival Bar
One thing about Storyline rap is that it will forever be relevat and on Festival Bar EP on which Davolee shares his empathetic story towards desired success.

While his tone was slightly energetic on Festival Bar I and got needy on Festival Bar II, the tone on the latest two installments suggest a lack of vim and vigour.
When you listen to Festival Bar III and IV, you will understand that some of that loss of energy is warranted. Hence, this is a short film of Davolee’s true story (as Segun) in four acts.

You see the best thing about being a rapper is, you get a chance to be either a warrior or be slayed.
On Destruction, Kabex did one hell of a wake up call to all rappers in the industry ranging from the legends, top, trending, every type of rapper in the industry.

He did very well calling out names of those he feels are on top of him and gave them a piece of his mind. Some saw that a a diss but who cares, He did that for the rap culture. so life moves on

So Guys, the question here is
Which of the (EP) Is A Better Music Project?