Yes of course, Nigerian government make scam and other criminal act the only option for Nigerian youths to survive, and I’m gonna back this motion with reasons.

1: Nigerian political leaders are the most selfish and corrupted leadership I have ever seen or heard of instead.

Starting from this recent outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, we heard about the relief items and cash transfer other government giving to their citizen during the lockdown, and Nigerians in those countries testified that, e.g, Runtown, the popular Nigerian singer received cheque from United State government as United State citizen, but in Nigeria here, our leaders imposed lockdown without considering the people that depends on wages as the only means to survive. No food stuff nor cash transfer for the citizens, while this lockdown last for good three (4) months.

During this lockdown we know, we seen and heard about huges amount of money that people donated including organizations as well but where is this money?.

We have be asking this question but those in the position to answer this question keep fainting to avoid this kind of questions.

During the lockdown a lot of Nigerian youth were starving, e.g, people like okada riders, commercial drivers, event planners, people working in the market, graphic designers etc. This are those that depends on wages but the government abandoned this set of people. Now how do you expect this set of people and their families to survive without scamming, stealing, robbery, and kidnapping?.

2: Rates of unemployment graduates in Nigeria increase the rates of scammers in the world as a whole

In Nigeria here we’re blessed with enough resources but still we have the highest rate of unemployment graduates in Africa, why?

Because Nigerian political leaders are selfish and corrupted, they embezzled the money and sent their children to the best school in abroad while Nigeria secondary and primary schools look like dustbin.

This remind me of Nigerian peace corps, this organization was set up with primary aim of reducing the rates of unemployment in the country and thousands of youths if not millions applied for this job but presidential Muhammad buhari and other corrupted Senates and ministers against this program claimed it is a duplication of Nigeria Police force, why?.

Nigeria peace corps

Because they don’t need this job and nor of their children or relatives need it either, so that is how they banned Nigeria peace corps from coming into existing.

And ever since they banned Nigeria peace corps, there is no any jobs opportunity created by the government and still thousands of youths graduated every year.

Now the question again, how do you want the thousands of unemployment youths that was trained for the Nigeria peace corps to survive?

Nigeria is the only country that citizen afraid of political leaders and security personnel more than terrorist.

The rates of innocent people murdered by security agent in Nigeria is increasing every day and our government don’t have anything to do because those heading the security categories are not there with the level of intelligent or experience but appointed by political leaders to accomplice them in manipulating elections.

This remind me of Ekiti state governorship election how Nigeria Police force was used by APC governorship candidate Dr, Kayode fayemi to manipulate election, but they claimed that Nigeria peace corps is a duplication of Nigeria Police force because they know that if Nigeria peace corps exist it will be an obstacle to them

3: Nigeria government put everything in the hand of capitalize.

The rate of unemployment increasing every day because jobs opportunities in Nigeria fall in the hand of capitalize and every jobs vacancy in the country demanded for at least 3years job experience, and if that is the case, the 4,5,6years wasted in the university studying is called what?, School experience?. And since every vacancy demanded for 3years job experience, now the question is where can we acquire this experience from after studying for many years?.

This is why the word SCHOOL NA SCAM is popular among Nigerian youths.

In Nigeria, Olevel results is useless, no job for undergraduate and since there is no free education in the country and is not everyone that can afford school fees.

Now tell me how you want those in this shoe to survive in life?

Automatically scam, robbery, kidnapping and other criminal act become the only option.

Source: Holystar Raplord