The Lockdown show is getting more interesting for many viewers and even for some of the housemates. Sadly, not all the housemates are currently having the best of times.

One of such is Laycon who was recently heartbroken by another housemate called Erica.

It was earlier reported that Erica told Laycon that she is only mentally attracted to him but physically attracted to Kiddwaya. This did not go down well with Laycon who was obviously sad by the statement.

An episode of love drama between Erica and Kiddwaya seemed to have gotten Laycon so sad that viewers are talking about it.

In a video spotted online, Kiddwaya and Erica were seen kissing each other. When Laycon saw them, he wasn’t happy. He was later found on his bed and seemed to be lost in thought.

Photos of a heartbroken Laycon is now trending online as some of his fans are sympathising with him while urging him to get over his feelings for Erica and play the game.

Meanwhile, some people laughed at him as they tagged him ‘mental connection.’