Popular Nollywood Actress, Chioma Akpotha has earned a reputation as an actress you barely see an inch of her nude skin on our movie scenes owing to the fact that she is very decent with her roles she plays on set.

The thespian noted that is her personal choice to avoid romantic roles as her husband understands the nature of her job and what it entails.

The delectable thespian was engaged in an interview with Reel Gist as she was asked a series of questions where she answered them all perfectly.

Why is it that you don’t interpret romantic roles in movies, no kissing or hugging or have you recently started doing that?

Yes, it is my choice, let me clarify that I don’t do that in the real sense of it but I get around it. My focus is always like, what am I telling the people and viewers watching.

But do you think it is because you are married that is why you don’t feel free interpreting such roles?

No, I have always been like that, I had to make myself understand that, this is a job, this is what you have to do and if you have to do it, portraying a character in that light and doing what the director wants then it has to be done well.

If you get a role today that requires kissing, would you do it?

Hmm, sister, if the money involved is very good, why not. I would just tell my husband, see ooo, look at this money, would we just let it slip away? We would talk about it and see how we can go about it, but honestly, I am very grateful to God that I have a very understanding husband. she added.