Ever since our government was created in the 1700’s, women and people of color have not held the same power as white men. Barack Obama was a diversion of that power, but Trump being elected in 2016 showed that the diversion of power didn’t last. Some might even call Obama’s election an anomaly, not a sign that things are changing. But if a Biden-Harris ticket can win, will that mean that our country really is ready to change.

More and more people are looking for a diversion of power. Something to get us out of the mess people are finally realizing our current president has gotten us in. Even “Bernie bros” are realizing that anything is better than this. Anything is better than a president who actually wants to slow down coronavirus testing because it “created more cases”, a president who wants to defund the USPS right before an election that is going to depend on mail-in ballots because of a deadly virus.

Harris could be our ticket to getting our first woman president, as Biden isn’t exactly young. That’s one of the reasons they were looking for someone with enough experience to handle the job of both vice president, and president if the time came. Additionally Biden has hinted at being a one term president, so Harris could use her position of popularity to run in 2024, as well.

Kamala Harris ran for president last year, but eventually dropped out. If she ran again in 2024, she would likely get much more support if Biden is elected. While Biden is a white man so presidential power in the white house in terms of race in gender won’t be diverging, he is progressive and could make things a lot easier for minorities to live in this country, and he would perfectly set up Kamala Harris to continue that redirection of power.

A lot of democrats have given Kamala Harris heat for her record as a prosecutor. The unfair sentences that she gave to blacks for drug crimes is one of the main reasons she was forced to drop out of the race. Kamala Harris has now said that she stands for weed to be legalized, but she still gets hate for previously defending her actions as a prosecutor, which also included going easy on white cops being charged for the murder of black citizens, and for even being a prosecutor in the first place. While Kamala Harris now supports the legalization of weed and defunding the police, many people are upset with the criminal justice system right now, and that is the same criminal justice system that Kamala Harris played a part in.

While Harris may have done things that liberals do not agree with as a prosecutor, she has also done many things they do agree with. She has a history as being very up front and strong in the courtroom against conservatives that have clearly broken the law. “She’s been trained to get the truth out of people that are not forthcoming,” said Lateefah Simon, the president of the Akonadi Foundation. Kamala Harris also created a program called “back on track”, where the goal was to help get felons the help they needed to change their lives. She has stood her ground as anti-death penalty, and as a senator she went very hard on justice Brett Cavanaugh during his hearings.

Kamala Harris has become increasingly more liberal, and another thing that makes her such a great choice for Biden’s VP is the fact that she doesn’t fit in any box. No only is she black, but she is also asian and she’s a woman. She was raised by an Indian mother, she has history as a prosecutor who was once very hard on smaller crimes but then changed her ways to seek justice for minorities and help felons change their ways. She then became a senator, and she even ran for president in 2019 and was at one point polling very well.

Kamala Harris is many things, and her being on the ticket with Biden will not only increase votes for Biden, but it will also create a platform for Kamala Harris to run for president in four years if Biden wins. We are at a point in our country where if Trump gets another four years in office, our country will be even more far gone than it already is. If Biden can win, there will be a power diversion, and Kamala Harris is the key to the power staying diverted after Biden’s four years