President Akufo-Addo has told Ghanaians to see him as a person who walks his talk ahead of the 2020 December election.

In an interview with ATL FM in Central Region,

“When you are president, in my view, you’re judged even more, not by what you have said but what you have done”,he said.

“I want to come across the people of Ghana as an honest man, a man they can trust because of my performance – what I’ve done in government, the key matters that I said I was going to do, I’ve gone a long way in doing them and, therefore, when they look at their future in these very difficult times; all of us are aware of the very difficult times that we live in, the COVID world that has had a devastating impact on all countries around the world, on all economies around the world – that they have before them a political leader who has walked his talk, who can, therefore, be trusted when he says I can help get us out of this situation and put our country and ourselves in a better place”, the President added.