These are 5 of Nigerian singers who rose past the hindrances of record label contract issues and court fights. An undesirable circumstance that has stopped the professions of many rising craftsmen in Nigeria and the past.

Lucky for these listed singers, their careers peaked as soon as they disentangled themselves from their former labels.

Fortunate for these artistes, their professions topped when they unraveled themselves from their previous labels.

Brymo fought with his previous mark Chocolate City in light of the fact that he wasn’t getting as much push as the other Chocolate City artistes. including rapper MI.

Disappointed, he left in 2013, however his supposed break of agreement cost him his unique accounts, which were seized by the name’s C.E.O Audu Maikori. Materials that were yet to be delivered.

This tossed him into money related hardships and despair, and fundamentally hindered his previously blooming profession. It wasn’t until 2014 that the court evacuated the directive. The ‘Ara’ vocalist has recovered his control throughout the years as one of only a handful barely any autonomous specialists in the nation.

Wizkid and EME

Wizkid started his music venture under the administration of EME Records claimed by Banky W. Being the live wire of the label and one of the heavyweights on the Nigerian music scene, Wizkid felt he wasn’t getting enough from his label. He purportedly needed a money related lift instead of his little 25% cut. In any case, Banky W was not yielding, a circumstance that made Wizkid leave the mark. It caused some pressure between Banky W and Wizkid, including tweet battles.

They’ve since patched their differences, with Wizkid getting a charge out of worldwide accomplishment under his own label Starboy Entertainment made in 2013.

Kiss Daniel And G-Worldwide Entertainment

In 2013, the Woju crooner signed a 7-year contract with G-worldwide. Then around 2017, it was reported that he left the label for his self-created Flyboi Inc after 4 years.

In 2013, the Woju crooner marked a 7-year contract with G-worldwide. At that point around 2017, it was accounted for that he left the name for his self-made Flyboi Inc following 4 years.

Agreement issues as was accounted for. His exit irritated his previous label heads and prompted a chaotic fight in court that waited however at last finished in Kiss Daniel’s courtesy. In spite of the fact that, his court triumph accompanied an order to change his name to ‘Kizz Daniel’. His hindrances didn’t keep his vocation from rising

Asa And Question Mark Records

Question Mark supervisor Kevin Luciano assisted with creating her advancement tune ‘Eye Adaba’ in 2006. After the song’s release, she left the label, just before Kevin was going to rope her into a foreign deal she had no clue about. In reprisal, Question Mark delivered every one of her tunes in an arranged collection named The Captivator. By and by, karma blessed Asa in France through a groundbreaking arrangement with Naïve – a French record label that perceived her latent capacity.

A short time later, the capable guitarist recorded the songs at first spilled to the general population by Question Mark.

A bit of one of the famous tracks on it, Jailer, allegorically portrays her previous name detainment. Today, Asa’s prosperity today is unquantifiable, while Question Mark has collapsed up.

Runtown And Eric Many Entertainment

Runtown was once cheerfully marked to Eric Many Entertainment before things went astray. The start of their issues was the point at which the name blamed Runtown for doing gigs despite their good faith.

In 2016, Runtown showed that he would not like to proceed with his agreement with Eric Many, guaranteeing he wasn’t properly remunerated monetarily. This incited the name to get a court request limiting him from performing. Be that as it may, the two players have made harmony, following a Federal High Court’s decision in Runtown favor on the 23rd of January, 2019.

He’s currently on his own label, Soundgod Music Group and is doing very well.

His 2019’s International Badman Killa was an explosive hit, then came Body Riddim in 2020.