Erica claims she has immeasurable love and care for Laycon more than his friend and adviser.

Last night, the two had an extensive chat about their broken friendship which she dearly wants it back but can’t have it because Laycon intends to protect his heart than to be played again. Recall he declared his intention to date her but she chose Kiddwaya over him.

She told him she is the only one who genuinely cares for him in the house and not Vee and that she knows perfectly well that Vee hates her. She recounted the day Ebuka questioned her Vee on her intentions for her which her replies made her feel horrible and less of herself.

She added that they made her feel like a witch, Laycon chipped in, reminding her of the positive thoughts and feelings he has for her and that she is not an enemy to him, he is just looking out for himself in other not to get hurt again.