Internationally celebrate Nigerian singer and music executive, Davido, has opened up on how he got attracted to the music industry.

Born David Adeleke, Davido told Newsmen in an interview that he had return from school in the United States and when he took a look at the entertainment industry and how huge it was he instantly fell in love with it.

According to the record label owner, he knew he had so much to offer towards the Nigerian music industry.

He said;

“It started when I got back home from the University of Alabama during the Christmas holiday. I saw how big the entertainment and music scene was in Nigeria and I fell in love with music so quickly and knew I had so much to contribute and offer,”

“However, my parents disapproved at first, but I worked hard and my career was doing well. It’s a journey you go through and I feel like if I was supported from the get-go, I wouldn’t have worked as hard as I did. I naturally like making music and it’s not about who’s big and who’s not, it’s more about making the craft. My family is now my biggest supporter in life” Davido said.