A Nigerian photographer has exposed Nigerian Afrobeat singer and self-acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy of stealing his photo, and used it for his new album “Twice As Tall”.

The photographer took to Twitter to make his claims and also shared a photo from his gallery which was dated in 2019. The photo shared by the man has the same concept as the cover picture Burna Boy used for his latest Album “Twice As Tall”. According to the photographer, he strongly believes the concept of Burna Boy‘s cover was derived from his picture.

Taking to his Twitter, the photographer wrote “Recall this picture I took in 2019? @burnaboy copied the picture from me and used it for @TWICEASTALL in 2020. I am crying out on behalf of my other brothers who always cry out when ideas are being stolen. Burna Boy must pay me for damages because he stole from me, this intellectual property theft is killing my lungs”.