The pastor of a megachurch in California said this week his church will continue holding in-person services amid the coronavirus pandemic despite facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines from the county for each in-person service.

“They’ve ratcheted this thing up,” he said in a video posted to Facebook Tuesday, revealing his church is facing a total of $52,750 in fines.

North Valley is facing financial penalties for holding in-person services on Sunday mornings and evenings and Wednesday nights. The county has issued additional fines for alleged social distancing violations, which Trieber said is a bogus charge.

The order given to the church states: “If you do not immediately correct the violations, the county may take additional legal action against you, including civil or criminal prosecution, with additional resulting penalties, fees and costs.”

“America, this is a serious moment,” explained Trieber. “Government, it must stop. It cannot continue this way.”