Please, I need the attentions of all music specialists
Kindly come forward to help us with this serious matter that’s affecting our Music Artistes, Reekado Banks, and Lil Kesh in particular.
The two artistes fade off in the game after exiting their respective labels in two years ago.
It’s 2020 and they were nowhere to be found. Where is Reeky Baby? Where is Keshy?
The decline happens to be the worst ever in the Nigerian Music Industry as almost all music listeners have already endorsed and accepted their music style, all of a sudden they lost their relevances and deminished.

We can’t really point what they’re lacking or what they failed to do. They’re dropping their songs as usual and attending shows.
But things are not the same the lads, the fame and attention all gone?
Last week, Lil Kesh promised his loyal fans who have been expecting his project to keep calm. We hope he live up to expectation and claim his throne back.

For Reeky, with RORA it looks like he’s likely to revive himself back but it turn out to be a NO NO!!
The saddest part, despite his huge 6 million followers on Instagram, Reekado’s average comments is lesser than a thousand which is the first sign of a deminishing artiste.
What Do You Think Reekado And Lil Kesh Should Do To Become Relevant Again?
Or should we leave them like that?
Drop your comments