A photo of US presidential candidate, Joe Biden and diminutive Ghanaian actor, Don Little has gone viral.
Joe Biden is seen bending the knee in front of Ghanaian actor Don Little.
In the photo myaimreport.com sighted on social media, Joe Baiden humbly knelt in front of our very own Don Little.
Ghanaians are of the view the photo is being edited whiles others also asserted that since Don Little was stuck in the US, he probably met him for real.

However, it was gathered that in the early months of the year when the COVID-19 had struck the US badly, Don Little was stuck and stranded in the states because borders were closed and flights were banned.
myaimreport.com cannot assertain how the duo met which led to Joe Biden kneeling before Don Little.
It seems Joe Biden met Don Little at that time.
See the photo below…