After Big Brother Naija housemate, Laycon, emerged winner in the WAW challenge to become Head Of House, Laycon, joined the other four housemate in a conversation where they were talking about tattoos.

One of the housemates brought a topic for discussion that centers on blood group which everybody revealed their blood group but Laycon did not want to reveal but eventually opened up.

Laycon revealed that he has been battling sickle cell since he was a child because he was born with the Sickle Cell genotype.

According to him, he does not like sharing this secret about him because people tend to pity him after they get to know.

“I am sickle cell and i have been with it since i was a child, it is dormant in me, I don’t always like to tell people about my genotype because they always like to pity me and i don’t like that”.

His revelation left the housemates broken as they encouraged him and courtesy, Opera news hub, below are some of the reactions by Nigerians captured by Papistunna.

@IAmMooree said:

“I don’t know why I’m putting my thoughts to words but I think its because I want y’all to pray for Laycon. 1. Erica cursed Laycon that he will die alone at 50. 2. Laycon reveals today that his genotype is SC. 3. My dad was SC. 4. We lost him at 54 coz of sickle cell anemia”.

@TeddyAApologist said:

“The whole chicken bone, ugly, thin insults by @EricaNlewedim hits harder with this realization of the fact that Laycon has sickle cell genotype. #bbnaija. Wickedness”.

@Olurops said

“Laycon has always been interested in sharing information about sickle cell because he’s SC. Erica that body shamed him. You are evil. God be with you Laycon. You shall overcome. ”.

@Nina Phillip said: “Laycon is sickle cell??Now I don’t even mind him winning if my Nengi doesn’t. That guy is strong I beg. Only those who have cared for & lost loved ones to SC will understand. May God continue to Strengthen, Preserve & Prosper him”.

@guzel said:

“Ss, sc, cc are all form of sickle cell. Sc is usually less severe than ss. Laycon may have had crises when he was younger but wasn’t detected due to unforeseen circumstance. For someone who have been bullied so much, he is very strong”.

@LayconWarrior1 said:

“I am a mess right now! @EricaNlewedim you bodyshamed Laycon even after knowing he is SC. Damn! Erica i hope Laycon forgives you! Sickle cell patients should never be mocked!  i am crying all over again let me go and VOTE”.