There is a lot happening in the camp of the Wayas. There is a bad blood brewing and it’s the fans that are spearheading it. The fans sometimes don’t know their limit on a lot of issues. Some of the flights between celebrities are caused by fans. The fight between Davido and Wizkid on social media was intensified by fans. The fight between Cee-C and Alex of the Double Wahala Edition of Big Brother Naija was fuelled outside the house by fans. The fight between Mercy and Tacha was engineered by fans outside the house. Most of these celebrities would have found a common ground to settle their differences but fans would rather increase the fight.

There is a big fight going on between the Kiddwaya fans known as the Wayademgang and the Erica Fans known as the Elites. The cause of the fight is nothing but a simple playlist of songs that Kiddwaya shared online. Elites are angry that Kiddwaya had to mingle with Laycon when he knows Laycon and Erica are not in good terms. They are also angry that he had to make Laycon’s song his number one song on the playlist. Laycon first chatted Kiddwaya about his visit to Abuja. They hooked up and probably Kiddwaya decided to help promote Laycon’s song. See the chat, the hook up and the playlist below.

The act of fans wanting people to inherit their faves enemies is unbecoming. It’s really uncalled for. Kiddwaya and Laycon have been close and in good terms right from the Big Brother house. So the fact that he likes Laycon’s song shouldn’t be an issue. And there is nothing holding Erica and Laycon not to reconcile. The major thing that would hold them from reconciling is the fans and the society.

Elites were so angry that they wished Erica never had anything to do with Kiddwaya. They went as far as dragging him for just choosing to love a song of a colleague. Some of them are now going as far as shipping Erica with a medical doctor that treated her of malaria and typhoid. See one of the shippers post and the young Doctor Fola they are shipping with Erica.

The major threat to the Kiddwaya and Erica’s relationship will be their fans. Since the fans would not allow two adults to make their choices. It’s definitely going to be a long road for them should they choose to listen to their fans. See Kiddwaya’s tweet about the feud and some reactions.

Kiddwaya has soon jetted out of the Country for his proposed vacation. He jetted out last night to Turkey for his long awaited vacation. Probably he would be laughing seeing some of the things Elites are saying about him. Elites think he is giving icons the chance to mock Erica. See him on the plane.

Do you think the fight is necessary?